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Olay Lashes is a Wholesale 25mm mink lashes vendors To USA with 14 years of experience. We have our own Eyelash Manufacturer , covering an area of 1,000 square meters and 180 workers. Over the years, we have been insisting on the concept of “Quality First, Customer First”, and our products have been well received by customers. Our products are sold in various regions of the world: the United States, Europe, Australia, Finland, New Zealand and other countries.

25mm mink lashes With Good quality and low price is our long-term advantage.


What Can We Do For You ?

Do You Want To Wholesale Eyelashes?

We are the most professional 25mm mink lashes  in China. There are not only high quality 25mm mink lashes on our side, but also a wide range of different styles to choose from. As an 25mm mink lashes Vendor, I believe you must understand the importance of finding a good supplier. A good supplier can not only bring you profits, but also bring you more loyal customers. A low-quality 25mm mink lashes Vendor can not only bring you profits, but also bring you a lot of after-sales complaints.

Are You a Retailer?

Yes, we also support retail. Our lashes extensions minimum order quantity is 1 box and you are very welcome to order. Our products are of high quality and you are welcome to order them first to check the quality. Some suppliers, the quality of the ordered samples is not the same as the quality of the wholesale, which will cause you a lot of damage.

Do You Want To Know The Price Of 25mm mink lashes ?

You are very welcome to come to our website. Our products come in different styles and the price of each style is different. And the raw materials of our products are also different. Different raw materials are not the same price. So you can consult the detailed price

About Our 25mm Mink Lashes

Make a choice before purchasing 25mm mink lashes. The 25mm mink lashes is not for everyone, so you must choose the right product first. Our products are watery and velvet. Mink hair is usually softer and more comfortable and looks more natural.

The second one you have to choose the right length and curl. Different styles of 25mm mink lashes are not the same length as curl. Choose the length according to your personal preference and the shape of your eyes. We have a variety of different lengths to choose from. The greater the curl, the more obvious the effect. If you want to exaggerate, you can choose a large curl. We also have a lot of styles to choose from.

Our 25mm mink lashes can apply mascara. Just use it at the tip of the eyelashes to get the effect you want.

All of our products use the principle of physical heating to make eyelashes without any chemicals. Eyelashes treated with chemicals have a strong pungent odor and can cause eye damage after use. So whether you are just starting 25mm mink lashes sales or have years of experience, looking for a zero-harm lashes extension is the right thing to do.

Private Label 25mm Mink Lashes

Is there a style you like here? Don’t worry, we can customize your exclusive lashes extensions for you.

The Way To Cooperation With US


1.Send Olay Mink Lashes Factory Your Demand

2.Cooperation With Olay Mink Lashes Factory

3.Olay Mink Lashes Factory Payment 1.T/T 2.W/U 3.M/G 4. Paypal 5.Alibaba

4.Olay Mink Lashes Factory Workers

5.Olay Mink Lashes Factory DHL Fedex UPS Courier Mink Lashes For You

6.Olay Mink Lashes Factory Aftermarket Team

How To Contact With  Us

Email: sales@miislashes.com

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