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How to start your eyelash business?

How to start your eyelash business?

If you want to start your eyelash business, I am your best choice, I am Mary, We are professional great quality of Mink lashes and Custom packaging boxes manufacturer. you can click the video to learn more about my company.

First of all, you need to find a credible and professional company as your eyelash supplier. We have more than 10 years of experience as a professional Mink Eyelash supplier. Our eyelashes are handmade zero cruel mink eyelashes. We have professional Our designer team, we will Custom Eyelash Packaging, custom tweezers, custom glue for customers, so that customers can enjoy one-stop service.

Mink Eyelashes, Drawer Packaging, Custom Tweezers

Custom Dripping packaging, Custom tweezers,Custom Glues

Next you need to have your own eyelash brand name. If you don’t have your own logo,Click Here, you can choose the pattern you like as your logo. Our designers have rich experience and don’t worry.

Best Selling Custom Dripping Package With Own Logo

Best Selling Custom Marble Package With Own Logo

Best Selling Custom Drawer Package With Own Logo

Best Selling Custom Diamond Package With Own Logo

Finally, you need choose your favorite Mink Eyelash style and Custom Eyelash Packaging to print your logo.

Best Selling Custom Transparent Acrylic Packaging With Owm Logo

Best Selling Custom Holographic Packaging With Owm Logo

Choose me as your eyelash supplier, your Mink Eyelash business will be better and better, high-quality products can attract high-quality customers, you will have more eyelash followers because of me, we will create a win-win situation result!

Best Selling Custom Money Packaging With Owm Logo

Best Selling Custom Candy Packaging With Owm Logo


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Attention! We can customize the logo of eyelash package for you free!

Attention! We can customize the logo of eyelash package for you free!

Now more and more customer choose to customize the eyelash box with their own logo and brand name to sell eyelashes. Because beautiful logos are attractive enough. It will give consumers a bright effect. And it will leave your product information to the customers who have already purchased, and help you to do free publicity.

We are a professional eyelash vendors and custom eyelash packaging.Our company has more than ten years of experience in wholesale mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging usa. We have a very professional team of designers. They will continue to learn, study fashion trends, and customize the most popular logo for customers. Let customers create your own eyelash packaging, and constantly expand their eyelash business.

As the leading enterprise of lash vendors and eyelash packaging. We have enough ability to provide customers with free logo design. Our professional designers will design your logo strictly according to your design ideas. If you are not satisfied with the design, we will modify the design for you for free until you are satisfied with the design. You don’t have to pay anything.

Our company adopts the most advanced printing technology. All logos are printed on the box. There will be no color error and logo will not fall off easily. And high quality boxes can be reused without damage.

Welcome to contact us!

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New eyelash style is really important to start eyelash business! Why?

New eyelash style is really important to start eyelash business! Why?

As a professional eyelash vendors, we have more than 10 years experience in selling mink eyelash. So if you start your own eyelash business, we will help you start your own eyelash business and custom eyelash packaging. First of all, choosing new eyelash styles is an important step for you to start eyelash business.

1. New eyelash style can attract customers.

The new eyelash style has a deadly appeal. It will bring consumers a bright effect. Customers can’t help but stay in front of your eyelashes. After that, we can attract customers for the second time by high-quality product quality. At this time, the probability of customers buying your eyelashes can almost reach 100%.

New eyelash styles are designed by designers according to the preferences of consumers. We have a professional and excellent design team, always have a good grasp and understanding of the fashion trend, we have been trying to integrate the trend into our products, and constantly launch new style 25mm lashes.

2. New eyelash style can help you occupy the market quickly.

After the new style eyelashes are produced, people will have some new ideas about them. Eyelash products that appear in the target market with innovative attitude will give consumers new feelings and stimulate their psychological needs for innovation. If your eyelashes can always maintain excellent quality, they will always have a good momentum to expand their influence and occupy the market. So it is very important to choose a good lash vendors and wholesale mink lashes.

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How to advertise your eyelash business?

How to advertise your eyelash business?

The basic function of commercial advertisement is to spread the information of enterprises and commodities, expand the market and promote the transaction. Through advertising, it can help consumers to know and understand the trademark, performance, use, use and maintenance method, purchase place, purchase method, price and other contents of eyelashes, so as to transmit information and communicate production and marketing. A good advertisement can induce consumers’ interest and feelings, arouse consumers’ desire to buy the goods, and even promote consumers’ purchase actions. Here are some forms of advertising.

1. Picture advertising

It mainly includes photography advertisement and information advertisement. You can take pictures of eyelash products to show consumers eyelashes. In the picture you can also add text messages to describe eyelashes. If you don’t have a professional camera, you can ask your mink eyelash vendors for help.

2. Literal advertisement

It refers to the form in which advertisements appeal to the content by means of literal creativity. Text advertising can give people room for image and association. Describe your eyelashes with words to give the client an imaginary space. It will increase your liking for your eyelash products. You can refer to the high quality mink lash vendors advertising copy.

16mm mink lashes eyelash vendors
16mm mink lashes eyelash vendors

3. Performance advertising

Refers to the use of various forms of performing art, through the performer’s artistic rendering to achieve the purpose of advertising forms. The main method here is to show the attraction of eyelashes through video. When many lash vendors are promoting their products, they often show their products to customers by shooting videos of wearing eyelashes. The effect is very good.

4. Comprehensive advertising

It is a combination of several forms of advertising. The combination of high-quality text description and video and pictures will give consumers the strongest impact. As a professional eyelash vendors and custom eyelash packaging , we will provide you with the most professional services. If you have any questions about eyelash sales, please contact us. We will provide you the most professional help free of charge.

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Latest eyelash cleaning technology – mini-washing machine

Latest eyelash cleaning technology – mini-washing machine

High quality eyelashes from good lash vendors can be reused 15-20 times. But through the correct cleaning methods to ensure that eyelashes clean and beautiful again to be used. Because used eyelash can leave glue and dust. At present, the latest and most convenient way to clean 25mm lashes – mini-washing machine.

1. Product information

Mini-washing machine is made of safe ABS plastic material, without any pungent smell, absolutely safe. The edge of the machine is fine and smooth, not easy to hurt hands. And the machine can work with batteries, and has enough power to clean eyelashes. And equipped with dewatering and drainage functions, easy to use. The mini size is also easy to store.

2. Usage

Pour 2 / 3 of clean water into the washing machine and add your detergent.

Put the wholesale lashes to be washed into the washing machine, close the lid and press the button.

After cleaning for two minutes, put down the water pipe to drain water and dehydrate.

Remove the eyelashes and dry them with a clean cotton pad. Put them into the storage box.

3. Price of mini washing machine we sell

As eyelash vendors, In order to provide customers with the best service, thank customers for their trust in us. Our company will give the mini washing machine as a gift to our customers. As long as customers wholesale mink lashes, we will give away the mini-washing machine for free. If you want to place a large order, we will also give you the best wholesale price. Welcome to contact us!

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How to introduce your products to your customers?

How to introduce your products to your customers?

Eyelash business as a low-cost and high-income business, many people will choose it to earn their first bucket of gold. Many people not only sell their products to customers in stores, but also sell their products on websites. It’s very important to show your product information to customers. The following are important information points to introduce products to customers.

1. Recommend her style to customers.

Different types of customers have different eyelash styles. Only recommend their suitable style for customers can make customers have the desire to buy. For example, customers with deep eye sockets are more suitable for 22 / 25mm lashes. It makes their eyes look deeper. Customers with shallow eye socket are more suitable for 16 mm / 20 mm eyelashes. Because this length of eyelash will be more natural. If a client wants to go to a party or party, you can recommend some unique styles for them. Because it will be more suitable for the party atmosphere.

2. Introduce the advantages of the product.

When selling products to customers, be sure to introduce the advantages of your products to them. In particular, you have advantages that other lash vendors do not have, and consumers will compare your advantages. For example, the times of repeated use, whether there will be hair shedding when cleaning eyelashes, and whether there will be chemical additives in eyelashes. If your product price is higher than other mink lash vendors, but customers will also choose high-quality eyelashes.

3. Introduce product information to customers.

When you decide to sell eyelashes, you must learn more about eyelashes. For example, how to wear eyelashes correctly, how to clean eyelashes correctly, the difference between 100% mink eyelashes and fiber eyelashes, and the sales price of other eyelash vendors on the market. Because professional service is also an important way to keep your customers.

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How to test the quality of eyelash packaging?

How to test the quality of eyelash packaging?

How to attract consumers’ attention quickly? Let your products have a profound impact on consumers. Many large companies have already given the answer. That is to use custom eyelash packaging to let consumers remember. custom lash packaging with a brand name and logo will help you attract more customers. But also to ensure the quality of packaging, the following is the method of testing the quality of packaging box.

1. Whether there is pattern blur and color difference in printing.

Because the process used in some factories can’t meet the printing standard, the printed box will have color error with the design drawing. Some of them will even blur your design. So when you see the design, you can ask the eyelash vendors to send some printed box cases. The video of the box is the best way to show the appearance of the box.

2. Check whether the box corners are glued or there is glue overflow.

While designing a beautiful logo for the box you choose, the quality of the box is also very important. If the box is not glued firmly, it will affect the use of consumers, and of course, it will bring you some trouble. If the produced box overflows with glue, it will also affect the appearance of the box. So you have to confirm this with the eyelash vendors.

3. Check whether the logo of the box is easy to fall off.

Because some mink eyelash vendors use poor quality raw materials to make boxes. So the logo and brand name printed on the box will fall off in the friction. This is what happened to many customers after the low-quality eyelasher customized the box. When you have selected lashes vendors, you can ask them to provide you with customer feedback. This will protect your interests.

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What problems do you encounter when selling eyelashes?

What problems do you encounter when selling eyelashes?

When you sell eyelashes, customers ask a variety of questions. Here are the professional answers to the questions customers often ask when purchasing eyelashes.

1. How many times can eyelashes be reused?

We are a professional eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor.Our 100% mink eyelashes are handmade and belong to middle and high grade eyelash products. Because mink hair composition is close to human hair structure, it is softer, with natural wool and strong processability, so the product style is more three-dimensional and vivid, which fits people’s natural eyelashes. You can wash your used eyelashes with the right cleaning method. After scrubbing, no hair will fall off. They can be reused 15-20 times!

2. How to clean eyelashes?

Take off the eyelashes, soak them in warm water a little, and then use tweezers to basically clean the glue at the root. Then cover the root of the used 25mm lashes with the makeup remover cotton, and gently rub the root of the false eyelashes with the finger pulp. Then apply the cleaning product to the eyelashes, and then use the brush to brush along the radian of the eyelashes, so that the 25mm mink lashes can return to the original radian. Finally, dry the cleaned eyelashes and put them into the storage box.

3. Are eyelashes safe for people?

As professional lash vendors and eyelash packaging wholesale.Our mink eyelashes are made of natural mink hair, which is very safe and free of any chemicals.Our 3D mink eyelashes are curled through physical treatment and heat treatment. No chemicals will be used in the whole production process. Therefore, our eyelashes have no peculiar smell, which is absolutely safe for you.

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Minimum order quantity of customized Boxes – 30

Minimum order quantity of customized Boxes – 30

In the eyelash business, many people will choose custom eyelash boxes to sell their eyelashes. Because the eyelash box with its logo will attract more customers. For you to win a successful eyelash business!

1. The minimum quantity of customized boxes is 30

Olay Lashes is The Best eyelash vendors From China, We are the top 5 Brands in USA Market . and custom eyelash packaging box is the TOP 2 Brands in China and USA。 We have our own independent factory, so we can customize 30 boxes with logo for many new eyelash businessmen.

2. Our professional designer team can design your logo for free

Create your own eyelash packaging not only to attract customers but also to achieve the role of publicity. We will provide customers with free logo design services. You don’t have to spend any extra money to design the logo. After the designer finishes the design, we will send it to you for inspection. We will arrange production only after you agree.

3. We will provide you with the most professional services

When you have a small budget, you can sell your eyelashes through social media. For example, Facebook, INS, youtobu and so on. This is a very good platform. Not only can you do free advertising through the Internet, but you don’t have to pay to rent stores. This will save you a lot of money. It’s a great choice. We have a professional photographer to take pictures of your products after you order them. You can show them on your website and social media to attract customers.

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The most attractive transparent acrylic box

The most attractive transparent acrylic box

Many people choose transparent acrylic box as their cheap custom eyelash boxes when they start their eyelash business. Because we will provide customers with free design. Help customers design their own logo and create your own eyelash packaging.

1. Excellent transparency

Acrylic uses colorless transparent plexiglass plate, with a light transmittance of more than 92%. Custom eyelashes boxes not only has a good finish and feel, but also looks very fashionable and beautiful.  Show your eyelashes to the customer. Let customers enjoy your eyelashes at close range.

2. Strong and durable

Acrylic boxes are made of acrylic materials, which are durable and durable. Therefore, acrylic boxes are not easy to bend or tilt under load bearing condition. Custom eyelash packaging box are very adaptable to natural environment. Even long time exposure to sunlight and wind and rain will not change their properties, and their aging resistance is good. The logo printed on the box will not fall off easily.

3. High safety performance

Acrylic is harmless even in long-term contact with people. The gases produced during combustion do not produce toxic gases. It has strong tensile and impact resistance, so the custom eyelash boxes made of this kind of glass can bring enough security to consumers, and it is not easy to hurt people after being broken like ordinary glass.

4. Cost effective

Acrylic box is cost-effective. As a eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor,we will not only provide free logo design. And we will also provide you with the best wholesale price. The low cost and high quality acrylic box will surely attract more customers for you to get a successful eyelash business.