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Why choose to sell mink lashes

Why choose to sell mink lashes?

If you want to start your eyelash business, I suggest you choose to sell 25mm lashes. Because it can help you make more profits and make you a successful eyelash business. Here are the reasons for choosing mink eyelashes.

1. Mink eyelashes are handmade. The quality is very high!

Mink eyelashes are usually 100% handmade. This process is the guarantee of high quality eyelashes. Workers will be very careful in every process from eyelash selection to production. And good eyelash vendors have strict quality testing. High quality mink eyelashes can be cleaned by proper cleaning methods. When you blow it dry, it will return to its original appearance. It can be reused 15-20 times!

2. The raw material of mink eyelash is natural mink hair, which is very safe without any chemicals.

The raw material of mink eyelash is the longest and most glossy hair from mink tail, which is very soft.Mink eyelash vendors use the best raw materials to produce the best eyelashes. The curling of 3D mink eyelashes is realized by physical treatment and heat treatment. No chemicals will be used in the whole production process. Therefore, mink eyelashes have no peculiar smell, which is absolutely safe for you. If you put your eyelashes in strong light, 100% of mink eyelashes will look natural, while artificial eyelashes will look gloomy and unnatural.

3. Mink eyelashes are more popular with customers!

Because of their high quality and safety, mink eyelashes are very popular with consumers. According to the data of lash vendors‘s eyelash sales in the past five years. Sales of mink eyelashes are increasing every year. So selling mink eyelashes is your best choice. With a huge consumer base, you are sure to have a successful eyelash business.

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How to choose your eyelash package

How to choose your custom eyelash boxes

Custom eyelash packaging box is a very important part of your eyelash business. Because it is the most direct display to consumers. Many consumers are attracted by the custom lash packaging  first, and then by the eyelash in the box. So the custom eyelash boxes is very important. Here are different styles of boxes to meet your needs:

1. Transparent acrylic box

This kind of box is transparent as a whole. Consumers can see the complete eyelash appearance from the outside of the box. It’s the best box to show your 25mm lashes. Consumers are often attracted by eyelashes in the box, and their desire to buy will be stronger. You can also design your own logo and brand name on the box.

2. Box with window

This kind of box with window will show consumers part of eyelash on the front of the box. It’s more mysterious. Such display effects often arouse the curiosity of customers. They tend to want to know more about the lashes in the box. This is also a good choice for you to choose eyelash packaging.

3. The most popular style

Popular styles tend to catch customers’ eyes quickly. So you can also choose the most popular box in the market and add your brand name to create your own eyelash packaging . Now the popular styles on the market are laser mesh box, telephone drawer box and falling liquid box. These styles are very popular. They are very popular with consumers.

Laser box

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How to make custom box

How to make custom box

No matter the customers who have just started eyelash business or the customers who have already started eyelash business, when they are looking for eyelash vendors, there will still be some questions that confuse them. Here are some answers to some questions

1. How to customize the box?

If you want to custom eyelash boxes with logo or brand name, you can choose the box you like first, and then discuss the box design with the lash vendors. A good mink lash vendors can provide you with free design. You don’t need to spend any extra money. After you confirm the order, you can choose to pay the full payment or you can choose to pay the deposit first, and then pay the balance after you confirm the design, which depends on your trust in the mink eyelash vendors.

Laser box

2. How long is the production time?

Some small mink lashes wholesale do not have their own factories. They can only cooperate with other factories to complete the production of customized boxes. Time will be very long. This often brings you some losses. So it’s important to choose a good lashes vendors. The production time is generally 3-5 working days. Very fast. You don’t have to wait long.

3. If only the box is made, is the size of the box suitable for your own eyelash bracket?

When you create your own eyelash packaging, the size of the box is very important. You need to confirm with the eyelash vendor. Otherwise, your customized box can’t be used, which is a terrible thing. Generally, when you order eyelashes and boxes together, you can ask the mink lashes vendor to help you put the eyelashes in the box and transport them together. This will save a lot of time.

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How to reuse eyelashes?

How to reuse eyelashes?

Can eyelashes be reused? The answer is: Yes! The current price range for selling high quality eyelashes in the United States is $15 to $20 a pair. If it can only be used once, it is a relatively expensive expense for most people. But generally high quality eyelashes from eyelash vendors and mink lash vendors can be used 15-20 times. If you learn the right way to clean up, then a pair of eyelashes can fully realize its value. It’s more cost-effective than buying low-quality eyelashes that you can only use once for 15 times. Here’s how to clean your eyelashes:

When applying glue, try not to apply it beyond the root of false eyelashes, so that other parts of the eye will not be stained with eyelash glue. Glue can be applied to the corner of the eye and the end of the eye. This will make the lashes stick more firmly.

Step 1: prepare two cotton swabs covered with makeup remover, wipe the root of eyelashes with cotton swabs, and then gently tear them off the eyes with tweezers. Using your hands directly can easily cause glue residue to stick to the false eyelashes.

Step 2:Soak the lashes in warm water. Then use tweezers to clean up the glue at the root of eyelashes.

Step 3:Deeply clean the eyelash root. Soak two pieces of make-up remover cotton in the make-up remover, stick it on the bottom of eyelashes, and gently rub the root of false eyelashes with the belly of fingers.

The 4 step: Apply a clean foam on the eyelash, then brush the eyelash with the brush along the curvature of the eyelash, so that the false eyelashes can be restored to the original radian.

Step 5: dry the cleaned eyelashes and put them into the lashes packaging. When you put it, you should make it arc-shaped, otherwise it will deform, which is not conducive to the next use.

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How to create your own eyelash brand?

How to create your own eyelash brand?

Now eyelash business has a high profit return. So more and more people wholesale mink lashes from lash vendors to start their own eyelash business.. One way to stand out from the competition is to create your own eyelash brand. Nowadays, the competition among enterprises is more and more manifested in product competition and brand competition.

money boxes

First of all, you need to confirm your brand name and logo to create your own eyelash packaging, which is very important. The initial use of brand is to identify products, attract customers through logo and brand name, and leave your product information to customers who have already purchased. With the continuous expansion of business scale, brand use will bring great economic and social benefits to commodity operators.

Secondly, brand means high quality, high reputation, high efficiency and low cost. In the process of creating brand and expanding brand coverage, only through the improvement of product quality, good reputation and scientific and professional management can your business continue to grow. So when choosing eyelash vendors, we must make sure that what he offers you is high-quality products, and the price is reasonable, so that you can earn enough profits.

Finally, the ways to build a brand are: advertising, daily sales and after-sales service. New and eye-catching advertising is to attract customers to a good way, and can leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers. Your sales methods and after-sales service are directly representative of the brand. So good sales service and after-sales service will improve your brand image,

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How do students sell eyelashes?

How do students sell eyelashes?

Now many students want to start their own eyelash business. Through eyelash business to earn their own costs of college and living expenses. It’s a great idea. Because the eyelash business investment will not be very large, but the profit will be very high. It’s a very suitable business for the students who are going to school. And it will not limit sales time, and will not delay your study time. Here I will provide you with some ways to sell 25mm lashes and help you get a successful eyelash business.

1. Looking for customers around you

As a newcomer to eyelash business, your friends, family and classmates can all be your sales targets. Because they know you well, they will trust your products more easily. But you must provide them with high quality products. So you need a good eyelash vendors and mink lashes wholesale .You can also give them some discounts or gifts when selling eyelashes to them, so they will be happy to promote your eyelashes and introduce more customers to you.

2. Gradually expand your sales channels

After your business is on track, you can start expanding your eyelash business. With the help of the Internet, you can expand your business without renting a shop. Because social networking sites such as INS, youtube and Facebook are not only free, but also have a lot of publicity and marketing power. You can sell your products on these social networks. Use pictures and videos to show your eyelashes, leave your contact information and attract customers. In this way, you will have more customer resources, and your eyelash business will gradually expand.

3. The most successful eyelash business – to be an eyelash middleman

When you have sufficient customer resources and stable lash vendors, your best development goal is to become an eyelash middleman. You can use your stable mink lash vendors to get a large number of eyelashes at low prices, and then sell them to small retailers. In this way, your eyelash business will make more profits because of wholesale sales. It’s far more lucrative than retail eyelashes yourself.

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Will the new coronavirus affect the eyelash business?

Will the new coronavirus affect the eyelash business?

Now, coronavirus has become a global disaster. By 20 o’clock on March 14, EDT, the cumulative number of new cases of coronary pneumonia in the world has exceeded 150000.I believe that in the shadow of the virus, many people will be very worried about whether it will affect the eyelash business.Here are the questions for the eyelash vendors and mink lash vendors to confirm.

1. Will Chinese products carry virus?

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia specialist Bruce Elward, who is responsible for the China inspection, recently praised China’s epidemic prevention measures against new coronavirus pneumonia in an interview with US media in. “The epidemic in China has stabilized and has fallen faster than expected,” the New York Times said in an interview. In general, because of the low surface survival of these coronaviruses, the risk of transmission through transport products or packaging can be very low in a few days or weeks at ambient temperature. ” At present, the epidemic situation has been well controlled, Chinese enterprises have basically returned to normal operation, and the delivery time and product quality and safety have been well guaranteed. You can order 25 mm eyelashes and custom eyelash packages from mink eyelash vendor at ease.

2. Can product transportation run?

Mink eyelash vendors generally use ups and FedEx to work together.At present, ups and FedEx official did not issue any instructions on stopping the transportation service. According to the official documents, in the face of the epidemic, only some services were adjusted accordingly. There is no impact on the overall transportation. And the goods are delivered home, if you are isolated at home, there is no impact on receiving express delivery, you will receive the goods as usual. So don’t worry.

3. Does the U.S. government refuse goods to enter the United States?

The United States does not prohibit the import of foreign goods into the United States. U.S. Customs will check only one batch of goods on a regular basis, and they will rebate any goods you leave behind. If the goods you buy are spot checked, you only need to go to the Customs for customs clearance. But the chance of this kind of spot check is very small. We send a lot of goods to America every day.So don’t worry.


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How to determine your brand name and logo

How to determine your brand name and logo

There’s a question about how to start eyelash business– how to build your own brand, It is very important to have their own brand and logo. Because having your own brand name and logo can not only attract customers, but also let the customers who have already bought it to help you promote your products, so as to gradually expand your eyelash business and help make more money.

1. Brand name, logo and label

If you want to build your own brand, you can custom eyelash packaging, or you can put your own label on your eyelashes. Brand name and logo can attract customers, and eyelash label will further deepen customers’ impression of the product. Make your eyelashes look more advanced.

We have some problems in determining our brand name. You can use your own or favorite nicknames and names. They are easier to say and let consumers remember your brand name. But it is not recommended to choose a long brand name, because a long brand name will create a complex visual feeling for consumers, such as Coca Cola and apple, which use short brand names, so that consumers can remember its brand name.

2. How to choose a box

For the confirmation of buying box from eyelash vendors , you can choose the most  popular style. Because it’s very attractive to consumers. At present, the popular style is rich box, telephone box, tape drawer box, laser grid box. These are based on lash vendors company’s sales data. Because in the market of eyelash sales, many customers who buy eyelash aesthetic is the latest design. They often see these boxes and choose to buy eyelashes. You can also add your own brand name while customizing these boxes.

Tape box
phone boxes
Laser box
money boxes

We are a professional wholesale mink lashes and eyelash packaging, we can provide free logo and brand name design. We have more information about brand building. Please contact us!

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How to identify your eyelash vendors?

How to identify your eyelash vendors?

When you start your eyelash business, choosing the right lash vendors is a very important first step.  Select a good mink lash vendors or mink lashes wholesale to start and protect your business. Here are the qualities that a good lashes vendors should have.

1. Product quality

At present, mink eyelash is the best type of eyelash sold in the world. Because it needs to be 100% hand-made. It does not contain any chemical components and is absolutely safe for users. Pure handmade makes it have very high quality. Generally high quality eyelashes can be reused 15-20 times. After use, the eyelashes can be washed with water without deformation or hair loss. At present, there are too many kinds of eyelash boxes based on the market. The brand name and logo of general design need to be designed and printed on the box. Such eyelash boxes will be more advanced. The logo will not fade or deform. So when determining the mink lashes vendors, you can ask to watch the eyelash quality inspection video and the box video that has been designed and produced.

2. Quality of service

You order eyelashes as a consumer, so the service level of eyelash suppliers also represents their company’s ability to work. A good lash vendor will definitely train his salesmen in all aspects. Good service quality reflects the professional level of the company.

3. After sales solution

In case of after-sales problems, the most direct solution is to contact the sales personnel or sales manager who sells to you. You can solve the after-sales problems through negotiation, but the sales manager is often suitable for solving the problems. If it’s product quality, you can use photos, videos and screenshots as evidence. If your negotiation cannot be reached, you can also apply for a refund through payple. Providing evidence to payole is the best way to protect your interests.

4. Production time and transportation time

Fast production and transportation time will save you a lot of effective resources. You don’t have to invest your working capital in eyelashes and boxes for a long time. You can use this money to do other business. This will maximize the use of your funds.

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How To Sell Your Eyelash?

How To Sell Your Eyelash?

1. Determine the sales price of your eyelashes.

After you have bought a lot of eyelashes from eyelash vendors , you should consider how much you should sell your eyelashes to the customer. But the selling price of eyelashes depends on the quality of eyelashes and the cost of purchasing eyelashes. Of course, good quality mink eyelashes cost a lot, but you can sell them to your customers at a higher price. 16 mm eyelashes, which can be reused 15-20 times, are generally sold for $10-15 in the United States for your reference. The longer the eyelashes of the same quality are, the higher the selling price will be.

2. Define your sales target.

Before you start your eyelash business, you should fully understand who your target customers are. If your product belongs to the upper middle product from lash vendors, then your sales price will increase accordingly. At this time, your target customers can be mainly determined as white-collar workers and some people engaged in fashion work. Because their income level is fully capable of purchasing your products. And if your product quality is particularly good, they will become your regular customers. Of course, the profit from selling high-quality eyelashes is definitely higher than that of low-quality products.

20mm mink lashes eyelash vendors

Color Mink Fur Lashes

3. Determine your own sales channels.

Sales channels are also an important factor in eyelash business. Because only the right sales channels can attract customers to help you make profits. Now is the Internet era, we can use the convenience of the Internet to expand our sales channels. This provides free sales platform for some businesses with insufficient funds. You can use Insgram, Youtube, Feedbook, Google and other network platforms to promote and sell your products.

4.Find ways to attract customers.

Products are one of the most attractive factors for customers. You need to make sure your eyelash products are fashionable enough to attract customers and bring profits to your business. Secondly, the packaging of eyelashes is also very important. create your own eyelash packaging, which can not only attract customers but also promote them. As long as customers use your product, they will see your brand name. After that, they will continue to buy from you and recommend your products to others. Finally, you can take product videos and photos and put them on social platforms for free publicity.

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Eyelash Packaging

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