How To Distinguish The True And False Mink Hair?

How To Distinguish The True And False Mink Hair?

First: check the softness
We can feel the softness of 25mm mink lashes with our hands to see if they are very soft. Fake minks are not very soft. When you touch them with your hands, they don’t feel smooth. You can rub your eyelashes with your hands to see if they are soft. If you make a noise when rubbing, or feel stiff, it means that the material of eyelashes is poor, not 100% mink eyelashes.

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100% mink eyelashes

100% mink eyelashes

second: look at the eyelash hair
Let’s see if the mink’s eyelashes are smooth and glossy. The fake marten is not only uneven and lusterless, but also easy to fall off. The authenticity of mink eyelashes can be confirmed by checking whether the rod of mink eyelashes is straight, whether the hair surface is uniform, whether the color is symmetrical, and whether the luster is bright. Poor luster, messy hair is often fragile and easy to break, which is the eyelash of chemical fiber. Because the cost of chemical fiber eyelashes is very low, wholesale lash vendors in order to make profits,they use chemical fiber eyelashes as mink eyelashes. This kind of eyelash is not as natural as sable eyelash.

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Olay 3D Mink Lashes

Third: smell
Don’t buy eyelashes if they smell strange. Because the real taste of mink eyelashes is the taste of ordinary clothes, there will be no other taste. The peculiar smell of eyelashes is usually produced by the chemical dyeing method of mink lash vendors. It is harmful to human health, poor quality and can not be used many times.

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Fourth: check mink lash craftwork
Look at the texture of mink eyelashes. See if it’s exquisite. You can shake it with your hand to see if you have hair loss. Good quality sable eyelashes have no such problem. And the finer the mink eyelashes are made, the higher the quality and the more times they are used. Many eyelash vendors ignore quality for mass production.100% of mink eyelashes can only be made by hand.

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