How To Sell Your Eyelash?

How To Sell Your Eyelash?

1. Determine the sales price of your eyelashes.
After you have bought a lot of eyelashes from eyelash vendors , you should consider how much you should sell your eyelashes to the customer. But the selling price of eyelashes depends on the quality of eyelashes and the cost of purchasing eyelashes. Of course, good quality mink eyelashes cost a lot, but you can sell them to your customers at a higher price. 16 mm eyelashes, which can be reused 15-20 times, are generally sold for $10-15 in the United States for your reference. The longer the eyelashes of the same quality are, the higher the selling price will be.


2. Define your sales target.
Before you start your eyelash business, you should fully understand who your target customers are. If your product belongs to the upper middle product from lash vendors, then your sales price will increase accordingly. At this time, your target customers can be mainly determined as white-collar workers and some people engaged in fashion work. Because their income level is fully capable of purchasing your products. And if your product quality is particularly good, they will become your regular customers. Of course, the profit from selling high-quality eyelashes is definitely higher than that of low-quality products.

Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging

20mm mink lashes eyelash vendors

3. Determine your own sales channels.
Sales channels are also an important factor in eyelash business. Because only the right sales channels can attract customers to help you make profits. Now is the Internet era, we can use the convenience of the Internet to expand our sales channels. This provides free sales platform for some businesses with insufficient funds. You can use Insgram, Youtube, Feedbook, Google and other network platforms to promote and sell your products.

wholesale eyelash packaging

wholesale eyelash packaging

4.Find ways to attract customers.
Products are one of the most attractive factors for customers. You need to make sure your eyelash products are fashionable enough to attract customers and bring profits to your business. Secondly, the packaging of eyelashes is also very important. create your own eyelash packaging, which can not only attract customers but also promote them. As long as customers use your product, they will see your brand name. After that, they will continue to buy from you and recommend your products to others. Finally, you can take product videos and photos and put them on social platforms for free publicity.   Eyelash PackagingEyelash Packaging

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