Sample Pack Order

Sample Pack Order

As eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor, we combine the best-selling styles of each series into sample pack according to the company’s sales data. There are 5 sample packages to choose from. Each sample includes best sellers with eyelashes of different lengths. And the design styles are very different, you can experience a variety of different styles of eyelashes at the same time.

Sample Pack Order 01-The price is 49$.

It includes 16mm DC102  and DC104,20mm DM02,22mm DN02,25mm DL03 .

sample pack

Sample Pack Order 02-The price is 54$.

It includes 16mm DC22  and DC18,20mm DM01 and DM05,22mm DN19 and DN03.

Sample Pack Order 03-The price is 57$.

It includes 20mm DM07 and DM09,22mm DN05 and DN19,25mm DL05  and DL08.

Sample Pack Order 04-The price is 65$.

It includes 16mm DC102  and DC104,20mm DM05 and DM03,22mm DN03 and DN04,25mm DL04 and DL08.

Sample Pack Order 05-The price is 81$.

It includes 16mm DC09  and DC35,20mm DM01 and DM10,22mm DN05 and DN04,25mm DH02 and DH03,DL03 and DL07.

lash pack

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