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What are our most popular 25 mm eyelashes?

What are our most popular 25 mm eyelashes?

When you decide to start the eyelash business, it’s important that you choose the eyelash style from eyelash vendors and  lash packaging vendor to sell. Because only the best-selling eyelash style can attract a large number of customers, help you make more money, let you get a successful eyelash business! Every different type of eyelash has a best seller. Here are some popular styles for you!

1. Popular simple style

Simple eyelash styles are very popular. Because they are very suitable for daily use. You can wear them during school and work hours. They will look very natural. Let people have more charm in daily life, but it will not give people an exaggerated feeling.You can ask the lash vendors to recommend it to you. Dy006 and dy015 are our the most natural 25mm lashes styles.

2. Popular thick style

Some consumers will prefer thicker eyelashes. Because wearing thick eyelashes will make your eyes look deeper and more vivid. It will be very suitable for people with big eyes. When a good mink lash vendors makes eyelashes, the distance between each eyelash pillar is very close and one eyelash pillar is composed of many minks.Dy020 and dy005 are our the most natural 25 mm styles.

3. Best selling magic style

Magic style often attracts customers’ attention. Because they will be very curious about the effect of eyelashes. These styles are often more suitable for parties. This will help them attract people’s attention. Make yourself the focus of the party. You can ask the mink eyelash vendors to recommend it to you.Dy004 and dy013 are our the most natural 25 mm styles.

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