How to complete the payment?

How to complete the payment?

When you confirm the order with eyelash vendors, there may be some problems – how to complete the payment. Now with the economic globalization, more and more payment methods are more convenient and widely used. Here are some common payment methods.

(1) generally, the lash vendors will send you a payment link or payment request through the email you bind to payple.

(2) after the mink lash vendor informs you, you can check your email and click the payment request or link. The amount you want to pay will appear. Check your payment information and click pay.

(3) if there is a balance in your PayPal account, it will be deducted from your balance first. If the balance is insufficient, it will be deducted from your bank account, credit card or debit card.

2.western union
(1) the buyer and the mink eyelash vendors reach a transaction and agree to use Western Union payment.

(2) the buyer shall go to the local Western Union branch to fill in the remittance form (information includes name, country, address, telephone number, amount), pay the remittance service fee, and show the ID card / account book and other valid certificates. After submission, the bank will give you one inch monitoring number (MTCN) as the wholesale lash vendors’s withdrawal verification code.

(3) then contact the payee and tell him / her some necessary information, such as the name, amount and MTCN of the remitter, mainly the MTCN, without which the payee can’t get the money.

(4) after receiving the notice from the payer, the payee can check or call the Western Union service phone to withdraw money.

3. Alibaba
(1) on the order details page, click send initial payment

(2) the buyer shall select the payment method and complete the payment according to the guidance.

① If the buyer selects credit card to pay, click the “+ add a new card to pay in USD ($)” button to enter the payment page. You need to enter the credit card information, and then click “confirm and pay” again. The system will directly deduct the payment, and manually enter the payment amount for the need.

② If online bank payment is selected, click the “+ add a bank account” button to enter the payment page. The buyer needs to check read and abide by the agreement, and then click “confirm details” to complete the authorized payment with one click.

③ If TT payment is selected, the account information page to be paid will pop up, and the buyer can choose to print the account information.

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